Brochure | November 5, 2012

Brochure: Food Packaging: Thermal Printing Solutions

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As of 2011, an estimated 10 to 15 percent of the food we eat in the United States is imported. Rising consumer demands to ensure food safety have increased adoption of traceability standards across the food processing industry—from growers, shippers and grocers. By applying barcode labels to produce and packaged goods, companies are able to track product from the field to ship to shelf. Using an ST Thermal Printing solution, every point of contact along the supply chain can more efficiently locate individual items to more accurately account for shrinkage or find specific lot numbers of foods subject to recall.

ST’s standard 300 dpi print head allows for the sharpest registration and resolution available in the market. Thermal barcodes are designed to be read even under the most extreme temperatures and humidity changes making them a perfect fit for any food packaging environment.