Magazine Article | January 31, 2019

Brian Mauch, BMC Networks

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Brian Mauch

Brian Mauch earned law and commerce degrees from the University of British Columbia and launched BMC Networks on the heels of his 1996 graduation. But, his passion for computers was born long before that. “Going through school, I always had computer-related part-time jobs, and growing up, I was the technical support resource for family and friends,” he says. “I had the first Commodore 64 on the block when I was a kid, because my mother had the foresight to predict that personal computers would be an integral part of business one day.” At a robust 30 FTEs today, Mauch claims his company is the largest law firm-focused MSP in Canada. We caught up with Mauch for some insight into his leadership at BMC Networks.