News | August 26, 2008

Axispoint, Inc. Joins MobileAccess Partner Ecosystem As A Value Added Reseller

VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MobileAccess, a leading global provider of enterprise wireless solutions, today announced that Axispoint, Inc., one of the fastest growing IT services companies in the United States, has joined the MobileAccess partner network as a Value Added Reseller (VAR). Under the terms of the agreement, Axispoint will provide the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network as a key offering in the company's extensive wireless solutions set.

Axispoint offers a comprehensive approach to wireless technology, built around its Mobility Design Consulting process. Using this unique methodology, Axispoint can engineer, build and support a complete wireless environment for their customers. With the addition of the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network to its existing suite of offerings, Axispoint can now offer a scalable and future-proof infrastructure that supports an increasingly diverse set of wireless applications and services.

The partnership will allow Axispoint and MobileAccess to extend their unique service offering to customers across multiple vertical markets. Axispoint, recognized as a 2008 Vertical Partner of the Year by Cisco Systems, has strong traction in the healthcare, education and retail sectors. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network has been deployed in more than 1,000 facilities including premier hospitals, Super Bowl stadiums, college campuses and enterprise buildings worldwide.

"We always look for ways to be innovative, and the MobileAccess technology is very attractive because we can help our customers turn a single infrastructure investment into a platform for ongoing wireless services and application adoption," said Frank Scanga, executive vice president of Axispoint. "By serving as a flexible, future-proof platform for our customers, the MobileAccess infrastructure will help us expand our wireless solution set to increase market share and revenue. It's a win-win situation for us and our customer base."

"At Axispoint, we've always taken a holistic approach to solving our clients' business problems," said Ed Carmody, director of Mobile Business Solutions at Axispoint. "Recent entrants into the wireless integrator space think the world begins and ends with WiFi®. They forget that cellular, paging, two-way radio systems, 3G and beyond are key to their customers' mission-critical business operations. By partnering with MobileAccess, we can provide a truly unified wireless architecture that for the first time provides a comprehensive solution to support these services."

Axispoint holds advanced certifications in wireless local area networks (LAN) and wireless mesh technologies and is recognized for delivering superior customer service when implementing innovative solutions. MobileAccess, a member of the Cisco Technology Development Program (CTDP), provides Wire-It-Once™ technology that complements Axispoint's best-of-breed expertise enabling the two companies to deliver comprehensive, adaptive wireless solutions to their joint customers.

"With years of experience and an arsenal of innovative solutions, Axispoint is adept at designing wireless networks that efficiently and effectively support leading-edge technology," said Cathy Zatloukal, CEO of MobileAccess. "Axispoint is an ideal partner for MobileAccess, both in terms of our goals for growth and target markets. Together, we can address customers' skyrocketing demand for pervasive wireless networks by providing a solution that ensures reliable connectivity and open infrastructure for future applications."

About MobileAccess

MobileAccess is a global provider of enterprise wireless solutions that connect the people and applications that drive business. The MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network is a platform for delivering multi-service wireless connectivity in large public venues and facilities such as airports, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, office buildings and sports venues. With its advanced Wire-It-Once™ technology, MobileAccess provides facility-wide coverage for Wireless LAN (WLAN), Mobile WiMAX and public safety radio, among other wireless services, over a single infrastructure. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on MobileAccess to power life saving, time saving and money saving wireless applications every day. MobileAccess customers include Aladdin Resort and Casino, Clarian Health, Ford Field, Grande Lakes Orlando, Hearst Corporation, Lehman Brothers, Melbourne (Australia) Airport, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Royal Dutch Shell and University of Phoenix Stadium. For an online demo, visit

About Axispoint

Axispoint, Inc. is a full service technology solutions company focused on providing its customers innovative software and network solutions. Axispoint specializes in providing: technology and business process consulting; application development; network infrastructure; wireless solutions; and IP Telephony/ Convergence to a wide range of industries and clients. Axispoint works in close partnership with its clients to provide the right customized solutions that add real economic value. The marriage of strong network capability with software expertise and technology management enables Axispoint to offer its clients a total integrated solution. For more information, visit

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