Case Study

Axis Network Cameras And Video Servers Provide City And Travelers With Real-Time Traffic Information

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) wanted to upgrade its existing traffic monitoring system, which was based on analog technology. The agency was looking for a solution that could improve safety and security by sharing images with other government agencies and the public, while reducing maintenance costs.

Working with Axis reseller Visual Security, the NYC DOT installed 20 Axis video servers to upgrade its 80 existing analog cameras with Internet Protocol (IP) capabilities. In addition, for locations that couldn't be reached by wired Internet connections, the agency installed six network cameras with wireless modems to transmit traffic images.

For less than $30,000, the NYC DOT now has a state-of-the-art traffic monitoring system that allows the agency to share real-time images with travelers over its Web site, at The system reduces maintenance costs by being virtually self-sufficient, and it provides the NYC DOT with the ability to share traffic images over the Internet with other government agencies.