From The Editor | November 8, 2010

Axcient Hits The Grid At ConnectWise

Webinar: Cloud 101

By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

After months of chatting by phone, I finally got the opportunity to sit down in person with Axcient CEO Justin Moore to talk about his company and its plans and goals for 2011. Axcient, a data protection vendor, opened shop nearly four years ago, but its solution really hit the radar of the IT industry just this year. This week, the vendor hosted its partner advisory group to talk strategy and improvements, and Justin shared some insight with me.

Among those plans, continued integrations with vendors such as ConnectWise, and continued tweaks to the Axcient product as partner feedback drives continued innovations. Why? Justin explains that with data explosion, a continuously dropping tolerance for failure and downtime, more complex IT environments, and rules driven by compliance, all companies depend on a reliable data protection solution. "I want our company to lead this market, I want to turn it on its ear," says Justin, adding that he believes that means an exceptionally close partnership with Axcient's channel partners.

To do that, Axcient expects to continue along its agentless technology path, rolling out significant enhancements each 6 weeks. Doing that brings us back to the partner community that Justin met with this week during the ConnectWise IT Nation summit. "We are not about just the technology," says Justin. "It is about our customers, because your spam solution can not work, and that's fine. Your data protection solution has to work, or you are losing a customer. We won't let that happen."

He adds that while no product is perfect, having an open and transparent relationship with partners goes a long way in offsetting those problems, along with what he calls "fanatical support." "We want to be unique, we want our partners to know we are about the culture and the community," says Justin.

Listen to Justin further explain Axcient's plans for 2011.