Magazine Article | March 1, 2018

Ask The Board

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

Q: Earlier this quarter, ConnectWise acquired HTG Peer Groups. The deal marked the official marriage of two companies that have long courted one another, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. That being said, some vendors and MSPs are skeptical that HTG will effectively maintain its autonomy under the ownership of a major PSA vendor. You’re both a ConnectWise customer and a member of HTG Peer Groups. What’s your take on the deal?

A: WINXNET HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED by participation in HTG Peer Groups. I congratulate both HTG and ConnectWise on this exciting news. It is our hope that through this acquisition HTG will have additional resources to execute on their important mission, which positively impacts businesses as well as individual lives. HTG members will have a front row view on the impact of mergers and acquisitions on culture, mission, and trading independence for a seat in a larger entity.