News Feature | August 14, 2014

Are Your Customers Using the Right Consumables?

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Thermal Consumable

According to a recent article, it might be time to reassess the consumables used by your clients. Published on Integrated Solutions for Retailers “The Modest, Yet Essential, Thermal Consumable” from SATO America, points out thermal labels, tags, and ribbons offer great return for every step of the consumer market from identifying and tracking inventory to marketing to the consumer, but they are often taken for granted.

SATO makes some important suggestions for considering consumable technology.For example, initial evaluations of thermal printing solutions often include a demonstration of the perfect combination of printer and consumables, and for good reason.Although purchasing like brands of thermal consumables and printers is not a requirement, using the combinations suggested by suppliers can help avoid wasting precious time troubleshooting issues created by the wrong combination of label, ribbon, and printer.

In this article from Business Solutions Magazine, Curtis Roberts of SATO states, “Adding the ability to provide consumables along with other values can fortify a VAR’s position and reputation with their customers. These are important services to the customer, and the VAR must invest in understanding the label application needs thoroughly.”

These needs might include company initiatives or standards. For example, there are a number of newly developed green labels appearing on the market. These labels comply with the regulatory requirements and ecological awareness that weighs on most organizations: “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.”The article includes several examples of these new eco-friendly products, including halogen-free labels, liner-less labels, biodegradable labels, and plastic-friendly labels.

VARs who know the consumable business can thus readily advise businesses about the extensive testing that has identified and producing the right consumable for a particular thermal printer.It also allows VARs to explain to their clients why using the right media is crucial to their company’s success.

Another avenue for VARs is the now burgeoning world of the wireless mobile printer market, which continues to thrive as workers become more mobile. As uses for mobile printing multiply, they are creating new opportunities for VARs and integrators interested in expanding into a new business area. As with traditional printers, VARs need to understand the opportunity, including the developments in the world of technology, to better service their clients. Remember, not all consumables offer the same level of reliability, and that highest quality materials and higher standards in manufacturing will establish the best suppliers. VARs should do their research and review all the available options to make sure they are providing the best consumables to their clients.