Blog | July 23, 2012

Are You Ready For IP Cameras? Your Customers Are.

By The Business Solutions Network

IP video surveillance technology isn't new, but the adoption of solutions including IP cameras has increased in recent times due to a reduction in cost and improvements in the technology. Now, more than ever, customers are ready for IP camera technology.

For instance, a survey conducted by Business Solutions' sister publication, ISR (Integrated Solutions for Retailers), revealed that 81% of retailers plan on their next video surveillance solution being IP. Finally, it seems as if customers are aware of the benefits of IP to the point that they're choosing it over analog.

What does this mean for you? Choose you're own path below

If you don't sell video surveillance -- an IP camera is just another device on the network you control for your customers. Many traditional security dealers are ill-equipped to handle networks and IP technology, giving you an advantage. Capitalize on this opportunity by selling IP camera solutions. Seek advice from your distributor or call some of the integrator-friendly companies you'll find in the editorial of Business Solutions magazine. Oh, one last thing: IP video surveillance isn't outside your core competency.

If you sell analog camera solutions -- get educated on the benefits of IP to revamp your line card and offer your customers the capabilities of a modern surveillance solution. Not switching to IP puts you at a serious disadvantage.