From The Editor | May 5, 2009

Are You Missing Out On PCI Opportunities?

As I work on an upcoming security feature, I have been talking with a security VAR and GFi partner, FrugalBrothers Software owner Bruce Naylor. As part of our conversations about the security trends he is using to fuel his business' growth, we touched on the fact that despite much hubbub about PCI compliance among large retailers, deadlines for small business that process payments (which means everyone from your corner grocer to a nonprofit that accepts credit card donations) still remain on the horizon. So, if you are looking for a silver lining in today's quiet economy, don't overlook the role security can play in the payment processing market. For some background on PCI compliance, check out the GFi white paper.

On a related note, Naylor and I also discussed compliance and security issues et al, just before this announcement from Palisade Systems: Palisade Systems PacketSure Uncovers Over 525,000 Compliance Violations in SMB Market. Again, plenty of opportunity lies in helping SMBs meet the ever-changing requirements of federal compliance regulations. If you aren't sure how to address those needs, give your security vendor partner a call or ... check out the July feature story on just that topic and read what Naylor has to say about compliance fueling his projections of 56% revenue growth in 2009.