Case Study

Allworx Updates Manufacturer's Phone System

Boles Parts Supply Inc. (BPS) was founded in 1963 by Jerry Boles as a small engine core supplier. From there, the company expanded into electrical cores and components, then into general small parts. Today, from its base in Atlanta, Georgia, BPS serves all of North America as well as many overseas customers.

BPS is a people-oriented organization. Many of the original employees are still with the company. Most of the key personnel at BPS have experience in the rebuilding industry, which has put the company in a strong position to understand the business from the rebuilder's viewpoint. Thus, BPS has developed and maintains a strong relationship with its customers.

BPS is structured in four specialized and flexible operating units, Electrical Cores, Electrical Component, Engines and Transmissions, and General Small Parts. These operating units can quickly react to the changing needs of the company's customers and changes in the industry.

Today, BPS operates from four major distribution and buying centers located in California, Georgia, Virginia, and Oklahoma, as well as local buying centers in the Southeast and Midwest. Altogether, BPS has over 100 employees and 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space at your service.