Case Study

Allworx Replaces Antiquated Analog System For Manufacturer

Magnolia utilized the same Panasonic system for over 15 years. While the system served the company well for the duration of those years, eventually the time came to move away from the aging analog system to a more modern VoIP solution. "It was very, very old," said Carrie McAllen, a co-owner of Magnolia Plastics who also serves as the company's director of marketing and performs various IT functions, in regards to Magnolia's Panasonic system. "It had outlived its life. We had experienced some problems with it from the beginning, such as the voicemail never functioning properly, but I wanted to make the switch to VoIP."

In her search for Magnolia's new phone system, McAllen performed some online research on her own and also consulted with DJJ Technologies, Magnolia's primary IT vendor. DJJ, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a regional provider of end-to-end communications solutions for organizations of all sizes in all industries. DJJ offers its customers a single source for hardware evaluation, design, implementation, project management, maintenance, repair, and network management. In addition, DJJ provides and supports carrier services, including local and long distance calling, Internet, and private network.