Magazine Article | March 1, 2018

A Disruptive Path To Nationwide Growth

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Matt Pillar, chief editor

The 20 is a growing, hard-to-define group of MSPs led by charismatic channel veteran Tim Conkle. Its mission? National domination. Here’s Conkle’s plan.

Tim Conkle doesn’t pull any punches; he names names, and he shows no restraint from punctuating his commentary with words you wouldn’t say in church or in the presence of your mother. What you see and hear is what you get from the man, and you can take him or leave him.

Some 400-and-counting MSP companies are taking him without reservation. They’re among a tribe called The 20, a group whose unprecedented existence is perhaps best described as one-quarter peer group (members meet at least five times per year for training and education) and three-quarters business co-op (more on that later). The 20 is Conkle’s brainchild, inspired and informed by 26-years-and-running as CEO of Dallas-based MSP Roland Technology Group.