White Paper

15-Minute Guide To Redefining ECM In The Post-PC Era

This guide focuses on the way ECM is being redefined for the new information landscape. We'll show how, through a redefined ECM, IT can do more than create operational efficiencies. It can provide a strategic transformation for your business.

The way people live and work with information is undergoing radical change, while information itself continues to grow exponentially. Information now expands not just in volume, but in variety; arriving not only as documents and email, but chats, images, video, voice, blogs, scans, rich media… and the list continues to grow. These new types and contexts for information, driven through rapidly evolving consumption and distribution channels like social and mobile, have created an enormous opportunity and an enormous challenge for business.

It's a new information landscape, with entirely new economies of value.

Organizations which learn to capitalize on this new landscape – from emerging media to cloud technologies – will prosper. Those which fail to capitalize on it, which do not effectively govern their rapidly growing content, or rethink inflexible IT infrastructures, will fall behind.