• Stats Support IT Channel Security Sales
    Stats Support IT Channel Security Sales

    Insight from security research specialists at Osterman helps IT service providers focus on lucrative managed security sales opportunities.

  • Onboarding And Training IT Channel Sales
    Onboarding And Training IT Channel Sales

    Success … you have found and successfully hired your salesperson, and they start in two weeks. Now what? It’s time to build a process of onboarding and training for the future. Simply document this process, and your next hire will go much smoother. The biggest issue is where to start.

  • The Basics Of Strategy
    The Basics Of Strategy

    One of today’s buzzwords in business is strategy. Everyone wants one, but many aren’t sure of the how and why it even matters. In my 40+ years in business, there is little question that strategy, and the required planning to achieve it, are important success factors for any company or individual to reach their defined outcomes.

  • 3 Paths to VoIP For MSPs
    3 Paths to VoIP For MSPs

    Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions have taken over the SMB market in recent years — and for good reason. In general, VoIP systems are cheaper and more feature packed than the basic phone systems provided by your local telco. This gives SMBs the opportunity to leverage these benefits in a way they haven’t been able to before by streamlining inbound calls to the proper people or departments, using voicemail to email to ensure messages are returned, and utilizing a custom auto attendant to give their SMB an enterprise-company feel.

  • The New IT Sales Network
    The New IT Sales Network

    "Successful partners will figure out that the intent is not to make 100 percent of $100 but 10 percent of $10,000.” Those words from Forrester Principal Analyst of Global Channels’ Jay McBain have stuck with me. He said them during an interview for a feature story in the February issue of Channel Executive magazine. Smaller pieces of bigger deals. It’s not just an upstream growth strategy; it’s the new reality of a splintered market and loosening definitions of traditional IT service provision business models.

  • How MNJ Technologies Powered Through A Revenue Stall
    How MNJ Technologies Powered Through A Revenue Stall

    For this hundred-million-dollar VAR, beating its biggest growth stall in 17 years required giving up some executive control to a firebrand with new — and at times unorthodox — ideas.

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  • Skills For Successfully Implementing Smart Cities Solutions
    Skills For Successfully Implementing Smart Cities Solutions

    CompTIA's Smart Cities Advisory Council has identified these 4 critical skills needed for successfully implementing smart cities solutions. Check out this inforgraphic to discover these critical skills along with other hard skills, soft skills, and management skills.

  • CompTIA Tech Buyer's Journey
    CompTIA Tech Buyer's Journey

    Technology Buyer's Journey, Developed by the Channel Advisory Board and the Business Applications Industry Advisory Council. This graphic shows the journey of a technology buyer including the key elements that a buyer (end user company) experiences when making a technology purchasing decision.

  • Blockchain Brings Opportunity For Channel—But Challenges Too
    Blockchain Brings Opportunity For Channel—But Challenges Too

    There are plenty of reasons for solution providers to get excited about blockchain, but there’s also a lot to do before most can develop successful practices, according to members of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council. Blockchain, most notably associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, uses an open, distributed ledger of data that permanently records transactions through cryptography, timestamps and transactional data—all meant to prevent alteration of the data. But that’s just scratching the surface, according to Jim Gitney, CEO of Group50, an Upland, Calif.-based solution provider and co-chair of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council.

  • What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?
    What Is A Smart City, And Why Should I Care?

    The technology world is full of buzzwords, and our channel is no exception to this rule. As soon as one term becomes demystified, two more spring up in its place. Just when you thought you understood what the Internet of Things is and how it could impact your business, the term ‘smart city’ starts getting kicked around.

  • The Benefits And Challenges Of mPOS
    The Benefits And Challenges Of mPOS

    While few would question that mobile POS is an inevitable future for POS systems in an increasingly wireless and IoT-friendly world, actual adoption of the technology has been behind expectations. A recent study by HP indicates that only three percent of enterprise merchants have fully signed on to mPOS deployment, but 86 percent are planning or piloting the technology. Customers looking for replicated online experiences in brick-and-mortar stores will eventually push retailers to get on board, but not before they grapple with the challenges and embrace the possibilities of mPOS solutions.

  • Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019
    Telehealth: Top 3 Trends For 2019

    Telehealth and telemedicine have brought a lot of opportunity to the table, or better yet, your device screens, in the past year. From enabling clinicians to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely all in convenient time frames, the need for WebMD and waiting in line at germ-infested waiting rooms is no longer prevalent. Expanding on this basis, these solutions are also benefitting those who perhaps don’t have access to their local primary health practice or pediatrician. Looking into the new year, here’s what people can expect to receive in the Telehealth market.


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